Wednesday, March 9, 2011

99% of Singapore Sexual Massage Parlours are in PAP Constituencies - The Temasek Review

In summary, PAP MPs are not as effective as Opposition MPs as 99% of Singapore Sexual Massage Parlours are in PAP Constituencies.

Note: The term massage parlours here collectively refer to all massage parlours, Beauty Spas, Health Centres, Hair Dressing Salons and any other joints that provide commercial sex.

It took me with a very heavy heart to write this posting.

I live somewhere near Lavendar Road and for the past 3 years, Im very upset and disappointed to observe the widespread of sexual massage parlours in the Lavendar area. Despite being widely reported in the media, these parlours are still operating today, as if there is no law in Singapore.

Let me give you an example. There are a few massage parlours by the name of Relaxing Spa and New Spa along 2xx Lavendar Road that provides extra services to customers. There is another one Rose Garden Spa nearby at Jalan Besar Road. Another few are scattered around Lavendar Food Court, not to mention, there are even more such massage parlours at Jalan Besar and Kitchener Road. There are even more such parlours at Textile Complex and Jalan Sultan. All these Spas provide extra services.

I was wondering why there is no way we can deal with these massage parlours effectively. They are mushrooming in every corner of Singapore. Ive thought of shifting my house to somewhere else but realized that there is no place in Singapore that is clean anymore. For every place I can think of, there is at least one Tui-Na or Massage Parlour offering hanky-panky services nearby.

I once thought of moving my house and to be the neighbour of our largest Police Station at Cantonment (yeah, Anti-Vice is there as well) but later realized there are so many hookers soliciting in Duxton and nearby areas. There are also even more such massage parlours in Chinatown and Tanjong Pagar areas. It was also reported in Sin Ming Daily that there were Chinese gigolos operating in Chinatown. These days, even gays joints are operating at MM Lees constituency!

I have also thought of moving my house to be next to the High Court and near Parliament House. That should be safe, I thought. But then, there were so many sexual massage parlours operating in Adelphi the building which is just besides the High Court !!!!

Why Singapore has become like this? Why there are so many sexual massage parlours operating in Singapore ? Is it so easy to obtain the necessary licenses to run this massage parlours? In many areas such as Chinatown or Fortune Centre, you can see massage parlours occupying almost all the units in the same floor. I cant see any logic in this do we need so many massage joints in the first place?

Even more puzzling to me is that these sexual massage parlours are only largely found in PAP constituencies. There may be one or two such shops in Potong Pasir or Hougang but only in PAP constituencies whereby you can find many such sexual massage parlours along the same street or same building such as Adelphi and Orchard Towers which is well-known to tourists as 5 levels of whorehouses.

So the question we need to ask is are PAP MPs better than any Opposition MPs? It seems to me that the 2 Opposition MPs are more effective to control such vice activities.

Even at Prime Minister Offices Election Department, there are also many such sexual massage parlours along Princep Street, Bencoolen Street, Middle Road and Selegie, especially the infamous Peace Centre and Parklane Building. Massage shops with extra services such as Blue Jing Jing, still operate in those building.

Maybe its the case Ive misread, can any PAP MP explain to us, why there are so many such massage parlours in their constituencies, whereas we can hardly find them in Potong Pasir and Hougang?

Im willing to eat the humble pie I challenge anyone to name a single street, or shopping centre in Potong Pasir or Hougang where you can find more than 5 sexual massage parlours at the same location


By ex-PAP Supporter

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